<Individual Session>

60 minutes, $600 (tax included)
※Japanese only
$800 (tax included)
※$200 = interpreter

Individual sessions are channeled sessions in which a higher dimensional being from a very high place who supports Keiko Varheit comes down and conducts a channeling session in a form similar to a full trance. However, the main focus of the session is not to deliver messages, but to focus on healing and clearing to bring the person’s energy to the best possible state.

The healing and clearing will focus on the following

Removal of magic spells Clearing of past life karma Release of ancestral evil influences Release of thoughts and mind-controls of others that are actively in effect now. Release of negative attacks from multidimensional realms. Removal of false belief systems imprinted by parents and other close entities. Cleansing of mental wounds from experiences in this life. Others

What happens at this time is different for each individual, but basically, any prepared negative blocks that do not lead the person to happiness are removed as time permits.

The intention in this session is to help the recipient to properly review his/her own life in general, to use his/her energy correctly for him/herself, and to build the highest and best reality for him/herself. While providing energy support for this, we will also provide messages from higher dimensional beings to properly convey what is happening in the person’s life and why it is happening.

If you have a specific question, we can of course answer it, but we believe that it is not meaningful to tell you “what will happen in the future” (because what will happen will change as your energy state changes). Therefore, the healing/channeling session will focus on energy support, rather than a question-and-answer type of counseling session.

During the session, there is almost no part where the client speaks, and the client simply listens in silence to the shower of clearing energy and channeling messages emitted by the higher-dimensional beings.

This session is ideal for those who want to learn about their soul origins, their true nature, and their role on earth, and for those who want to know why their life is currently not going well, and to improve their life by balancing their energies.


60分 $600(税込) 日本語セッションのみ


・過去世カルマの浄化 ・先祖的悪しき影響力の解放






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