Spiritual Mentor
Keiko Wahrheit

Keiko lives in Los Angeles and is a well-known psychic healer in Japan. She has developed her natural psychic abilities through different practices, and she has been working as a healer since 2011. Besides helping people heal, she also teaches them how to bring their true desires to life.

Keiko’s way of doing sessions is unique. She connects with higher-dimensional beings to gather information and channel energy from different dimensions. In 2018, after relocating to Hawaii, she discovered even more special abilities. She recognized that concepts like “sorcery” and “prayers” were causing difficulties in people’s lives, so she made it her mission to free them from these influences. Later, she created her own method called “ancestral veneration,” which goes beyond traditional healing. It involves resolving past-life issues, healing inner child wounds, and even addressing complex challenges like “ancestral sorcery” and “cosmic sorcery.”

In 2020, Keiko moved to Los Angeles. She went through a challenging period with $300K in debt, but now she runs a multi-million dollar company in Japan. She serves a diverse clientele, including Japanese expatriates and local Americans. She shares the secrets of “creating your true reality” through social media, YouTube, TikTok, blogs, and online communities. She also regularly hosts talks and retreats. If you’re in Los Angeles and seeking guidance or healing, Keiko offers one-on-one sessions to assist you.


Moved from a major apparel company, worked as a copywriter and then as a writer and editor.
Established Star Press Inc. Editing and writing for well-known women’s magazines, etc.

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