Vol.10 Color Diagnosis to know your current state

Hello everyone, this is Keiko Wahrheit.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to discover your current color as a preliminary step to elevate your mood.

What is “your current color”? Simply put, it is your mood. It might be closer to the color of your aura than your mood. It reflects your current state of being.
The method is simple. First, close your eyes, and then see the color. That’s all there is to it.
You might wonder, “What does it mean to see that color?” First, close your eyes. Then, observe the color that appears in your mind. Instead of trying to see it on the back of your eyelids, it might be more accurate to say that you feel the color that emerges overall.
What color appeared for you? For example, red. Red is a color brimming with enthusiasm. You might be full of energy right now. But what if that red is a bit dull or dark? You might be feeling motivated but also a bit tired from having too many things you want to do.
In such cases, instead of forcing yourself, take a step further and try to imagine cleaning the color that you see. If the color becomes clear, your energy will also be purified and elevated. This is actually a technique for self-cleansing. Colors are tools to understand your current state, and the cleaner you make them, the better your state will become.

Here’s a brief explanation of the colors you might see:
•Black: Although it may seem negative, black is actually a calming color that suggests tranquility and a state of just being yourself.
•Navy Blue: Similar to black but with a slightly lighter tone, indicating a feeling of wanting to take action.
•Blue: A color of calmness, indicating good situational judgment.
•Green: A color that suggests the potential for a bright future and hints at a developing, prosperous future.
•Yellow: A color of curiosity, predicting many enjoyable events.
•Orange: Full of energy.
•Red: Fired up with enthusiasm.
•White, Pink, and Purple: Indicate that wonderful events are about to happen. Especially purple and white, as they are colors associated with the divine, suggesting protection by higher beings.

Please try this at the beginning of your day.




 Vol.10  あなたの今の状態を知るカラー診断




「その色を見るとは?」と思った方は、まず目をつぶってみましよう。そして、 目の中に現れて来る色を見るのです。瞼の裏側で見ようとするのではなく、全体的に浮かんでくる色を感じる、という言い方の方が正しいかもしれません。



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