Vol.9  Methods to Measure the Strength of One’s Luck in Competition

Hello everyone, this is Keiko Wahrheit.
Wouldn’t you like to know the current strength of your luck in competition?
For example, those involved in competitive sports or investing are particularly sensitive to winning and losing. If that’s the case, let me share with you a simple method to determine whether you are currently lucky or not.

First, prepare a coin. If you’re using a Japanese yen coin, the side with the numbers is the back, and the side with the image is the front. Place this coin on your thumb, quickly flip it into the air, and catch it between your palms. Then, open your hands and check the surface of the coin. If it shows the numbers, it’s the back; if it shows the image, it’s the front. Repeat this three times.
If your luck in competition is strong, your coin will show either all backs or all fronts.

A combination of back-front-back is the worst. Your energy is weak, so you might continue to lose. Back-back-front is moderate. Front-back-front indicates winning luck, but it’s slightly lacking in strength.

A combination of front-back-front means you are not lucky. Front-front-back is so-so; you can ride the flow and win. Front-back-back indicates that things are stagnant, so you might not see results, whether good or bad.

In this way, you can measure the current strength of your luck. Please give it a try!
So, what exactly is “luck”? In fact, the “strength of your luck” is influenced by the amount of energy currently flowing through your body and whether this energy is flowing smoothly without any blockages.

When you flip the coin, your subtle energy vibrations are transmitted, determining whether it lands on heads or tails. In this way, a person’s luck is actually determined.

It means that you should always strive to increase and maintain your energy level. To do this, prioritize getting enough sleep, eating properly, and being honest with yourself without pushing yourself too hard. By doing just these things, your luck will improve.




 Vol.9   勝負運の強さをはかる方法












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