Vol.8 Why your wishes don’t come true.

Hello everyone, I’m Keiko wahrheit.
Today, let’s think about “Why your wishes don’t come true.”

Firstly, if your wish isn’t genuine, it won’t come true. In fact, most of what you think you want is an illusion.

The truth is, everyone has another self deep inside, and even if the surface-level “you” believes you want something, if the deeper self doesn’t want it, your wish won’t come true.

This seems to be expressed psychologically as the “subconscious” and “conscious” minds, but it’s actually different. Deeper within the subconscious lies the “true self” region. This true self can also be called the Master Self, and it’s the real you.

And if the Master Self truly desires something, it will come true. The same goes for the opposite. No matter how much you wish for something, if your true self doesn’t desire it, it won’t come true.

So, what should you do? In reality, it’s not difficult at all. You just need to connect with your Master Self.

Specifically, you can use meditation. Meditate to delve deep into your mind and find your true self. Then, while in a meditative state, engage in a dialogue with that self.

For example, let’s say you want to earn more money. You desire to double your income, but you’ve been struggling with a fixed income for a long time.

Sit comfortably on a cozy couch, close your eyes, and take deep breaths to enter a meditative state. Then, visualize yourself and begin to communicate with that version of yourself. Ask questions like, “Do you really want to earn money?” or “Why isn’t your income increasing?” Your inner self might surprise you with unexpected answers like, “Money is dirty” or “Money is the beginning of unhappiness.”

Continue this dialogue with yourself, repeating the process until your inner self finally says, “I want to earn money.” Keep the discussion going until you reach that point.


When your inner self and surface self reach an agreement, your wishes come true.


 Vol.8 あなたの望みはなぜ叶わないのか 




実は誰も自分自身奥深くもう自分を持っ表層自分思い込んいる自分が 「こうなりたい思って奥深くの もう自分が そうなりたくないと思っいる場合望みは叶わないです。 




具体瞑想利用ます瞑想奥深くいる自分探し行き ます。 そして瞑想状態入っままその自分対話いくのです。 


心地いいソファに腰掛けつぶり深い深呼吸繰り返し瞑想状態に入りますそして自分イメージしていきますその現れた自分話しかけいきますあなたは本当にお金稼ぎたいのです?」「なぜ上がらないでしょか」など。 するとその自分意外答えを言ってるかもしれませ「お金は汚い「お金は不幸の始まり」 など。 

その自分対話繰り返しいきましょそして最終その自分「お たい言うまでディスカッション続けていくです。 


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