Vol.7 Tips for making the most of the year from the 2024 Setsubun.

Hello everyone, I’m Keiko wahrheit, your spiritual mentor.
February 3rd is Setsubun. Setsubun, which means “dividing the seasons,” signifies the beginning of a new season, namely the start of spring.

Spring is traditionally considered the beginning of the year in Japan, marking the start of a new cycle for the next year. With that in mind, today I’ll talk about how to make the most of the year that begins with Setsubun.

There are two important things.

First, in 2024, it’s said to be a year where “free will” will be influential. Free will refers to one’s own “intentions” or what one wants to do. It’s essential to be clear and specific about what you want to achieve this year, rather than wondering how things will turn out. Focus on “what you want” rather than “what will happen.” Let’s keep our vision clear.

Secondly, it’s about “taking action.” In 2024, there will be a prolonged period where the entire Earth is covered by tornado-like energy. If you don’t take any action, you’ll be swept away by the tornado, tossed around by various circumstances. By taking action, you can navigate through the tornadoes successfully. Moreover, it’s possible to harness the energy of the tornadoes and leap forward rapidly.

Therefore, clarify your intentions and make sure to take action whenever you feel the urge to do something. This is one significant way to make the most of 2024.

And there’s one more important thing. During this period, especially around the time of Setsubun, it’s beneficial to create a life map to clarify your intentions.

What is a life map? It’s a visual representation of your past and future. You list your life events chronologically to understand what kind of life you’ve lived so far. Then, you write down how you envision your future, also in chronological order.

By doing this, you’ll gain clarity on what you should be doing “now.” This is particularly recommended for those who are unsure about what kind of year they want to make it.

Your life is yours to create. By clarifying your intentions and taking action, let’s make 2024 the year you truly want to live.


Vol.7 2024年節分からの1有意義に過ごすコツ



2月3日は節分です節分季節分けるという意味があり新しい 季節すなわち春の始まり意味します。 は1始まりとされていてここ 





1つ2024「自由意思」がもの言うなるということ自由自分がどうたいのか意図」です。 自分今年どうなっいきたい はっきり明確おくことが必要です。 どうなっいくんだろではなく「どうしたいか」ビジョンクリアしておきましょ。 

2目は「行動です2024竜巻ようなエネルギーに地球全体覆わ れる期間長く続きます行動しないと、 ただ竜巻飲み込まれていくよ うにあっちの事情こっちの事情翻弄しまいます行動していくうまく交わしいくことできます。 さらには竜巻エネルギーうまく 利用ながら一気に飛躍上昇ていくことも可能なるです。 

ですから意図明確「したい思ったらとにかく行動心掛けいく。 これが、2024年有意義過ごす1つの大きな方法です。 

そしてもう1大事ことがありますこの時期ちょうど節分の折意図明確にするためも、 人生マップ作っみるといいのです。 

人生マップ? それあなたのこれまでこれから一覧ものこれまでどんな人生を送ってたの年表形式一覧にしいきます。 そし 未来どうなっいきたいのやはり年表形式書き記しいきます。 

そうすると「今」 何べきなかが明確なっいくでしょう今年いきたいのかよくわからないという方は特におすすめです。 



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