Vol.6 Opening up luck by changing your name.

Hello everyone, I’m Keiko wahrheit, your spiritual mentor.
Today, I’ll talk a bit about the art of manipulating luck using your name.

In fact, as the proverb goes, “a name reflects one’s character,” names represent a person’s entire life. Your name synchronizes with your life. This is because names hold energy. Japanese kanji characters inherently possess spiritual power, so the choice of which kanji to use, including stroke count, can significantly influence one’s fortune.

For example, my name is written in kanji as “啓子”. The character “啓” signifies opening up the unknown, revealing, guiding, and enlightening. It is often used in words like revelation, enlightenment, and inspiration. This aligns with my way of living and could even be said to represent my current profession itself.

My relative, Masaru, has always chosen a spirited and continuously winning life. Meanwhile, Satoru is an exceptionally insightful and accomplished individual. Tomoko has a strong thirst for knowledge and excels in academics. Additionally, my friend Tomoko is skilled in human relationships and lives in harmony with others, while Naoko is a sincere and straightforward person.

There are countless people around us who truly live up to their names. Additionally, when I’ve tried fortune-telling based on names, I’ve often thought, “Life really does follow the name.”

Now, how can we use our names to enhance our luck? First, let’s focus on our own names and assess what kind of fortune they are creating for us.

Then, envision the person you want to become and use kanji characters that represent that desired self while keeping the pronunciation of your name the same. In my case, it would involve finding kanji characters like “敬子” (respectful), “慶子” (celebratory), or “恵子” (blessed), which represent the life I aspire to lead, and incorporating them into my name. Furthermore, it would be beneficial to consider the total number of strokes in the characters for a comprehensive assessment.

If you can’t find a perfect fit, it’s also okay to use a completely different name, both in pronunciation and kanji, as a nickname. Applying this approach when choosing usernames for social media or business names can also be a way to change your luck.



 Vol.6 名前を変えて運をひらく




たとえば私の名前は漢字啓子」「啓」 の字未知のものをひらく明らかにする 教え導くという意味あり啓示啓蒙啓発など使われます。 の生き方リンクます現在職業そのものとも言えます。 

親戚の「勝(まさる)」さんは勝ち気常に勝ち続ける人生を選んましたし「悟(さとる)さん非常よくできた悟った人「知子」 さん は知識欲旺盛で勉学長けていますにも友人「共子」 さん人間関係得意と共に生きいるし、 「直子」さんは素直で真っ直ぐな人です。 

数え上げればきりないほど名前通りだなあ思える周りたくさんい ます。また姓名判断占ってみ「本当に人生名前通りになってい くな何度も思っものです。 


そのうえでなりたい自分イメージ名前の読み方そのままなりた自分表す漢字使用します場合、 「敬子慶子恵子などなり たい人生を表す漢字探しそれ使っいくという感じですそのうえでさらに画数まで総合判断いくなおよいでしょう 

もし、ぴったりくる名前がなけれ通称として名前読み方漢字もすべ 変えもの使ってもいいかもしれませSNS投稿名前ビジネスネー ムなどをこの考え方でつけいくことを変えいくこと可能です。 

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