Vol.4 Vol.4 The three important things to keep in mind to avoid diminishing your luck.

Hello everyone, I am Keiko wahrheit, your spiritual mentor.
Today, I would like to talk about something that might seem a bit more negative compared to “ways to increase your luck,” but is actually very important: “ways to avoid diminishing your luck.
There are three important things to keep in mind to avoid diminishing your luck.
First, develop the habit of observing your current state from a broader perspective. Look at yourself objectively to understand your position and what is happening around you. This means maintaining the ability to analyze situations calmly.

For example, you might feel that your relationship with your partner isn’t going well. Perhaps they are not responding to your messages, or you feel distant. In such moments, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by emotions and quickly blame the other person or act coldly. However, in reality, nothing significant may be happening. You might just be creating drama based on your emotions and past experiences.

In these instances, refrain from becoming emotional and try to view the situation objectively from the outside. By doing so, you might realize that your partner is simply busy and that you should give them space. Alternatively, if you feel distant, you can make a rational decision about whether this person is right for you or if you should seek someone else. Acting destructively under the influence of emotions can significantly reduce your luck to an irrecoverable extent.
The second point is simpler: avoid associating with people who lower your luck. For example, cut ties with friends who are negative thinkers, those who frequently complain, gossip, or are prone to jealousy. If you seek advice or share good news with such individuals, they might say things that dampen your spirits. To avoid diminishing your luck, steer clear of people who drag you down.
The third point is to not neglect cleaning your room. In fact, the state of the room where you live and sleep corresponds to your luck. If you’ve been feeling unlucky lately, start by cleaning. Try getting rid of unnecessary or old items. Just doing that can change what happens around you.

Make a habit of putting in the effort to maintain your luck regularly.

Vol.4 運を下げないために大事な3つのこと




みなさまこんにちはスピリチュアルメンターのけいこヴァールハイトです今日は上げる方法よりちょっと後ろ向き感じられるかもしれませ 実はとても大切な 「運落とさない方法についてお話たい思います。 


まず1つめ自分の状態俯瞰し眺める癖つけることです自分どういう立ち位置起きいるのか把握する。 すなわち、冷静分析する余裕持つということあります。 

たとえばうまくいっいない感じるメールの返事が来ないとかが冷めしまっいるこのとき感情飲み込まがちすぐ相手めたり冷たい行動取ったりがちですでも実は起きいない自分 の感情これまでの体験からの記憶巻き返しドラマそこ作っいるだけです。 


2もっと簡単自分の運下げるよう相手関わらないことです。 とえマイナス思考な友人縁を切る愚痴が多い悪口よく言う嫉妬がち••••••。こんな相談たり良いことあった報告したりするなたの気分滅入らせるようこと言われかねませ目減りせないたも、自分の足引っ張るよう関わらないことです。 

3つめは部屋の掃除を怠らないこと。 実は、 自分寝起きする部屋の状態あなた運は呼応います最近良くないな……感じたらまずお掃いらないものや古いもの捨てるなどしくださいそれだけきること変わってきます。 



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