Vol.2 The magic words to create a life advantageous to oneself.

Hello everyone, I’m Keiko wahrheit, a spiritual mentor. Today, I’ll talk about ways to break through the weakness in your heart.
What is ‘weakness of the heart’?” It’s the force that prevents you from understanding your true self. In other words, it creates a situation where you cannot live according to your authentic self. As long as you continue to harbor weakness in your heart, you will be unable to live in accordance with your true self.
What happens then? Stress builds up, leading to frustration, and you become more prone to missing various opportunities. This is because your true self is always connected to your intuition, and the duller your intuition becomes, the less you can perceive what is truly good for you. Conversely, you might mistakenly perceive unfavorable situations as favorable. This not only causes you to miss opportunities but also tends to draw in trouble. In other words, you become unable to live in a reality that is good for you.
There are two ways to cut off “weakness of the heart”.
The first one: Make it a habit to imagine that you are the only one in your world. In a world where nobody else exists, you can behave freely without worrying about what others might say. Focus solely on “what you want to do in this moment” and simply execute it. Let’s cultivate this habit.
The second one is even simpler. You’ll be casting a magic spell on yourself. “I am strong” “I am not weak.” That’s all. This is called “command” in which you’re giving yourself affirmations. It’s a type of “kotodama,” a concept that has been utilized in Japan since ancient times. It’s like suggesting to yourself through words.
Just this alone, your life will begin to change right away. Shedding weakness of the heart, let’s create your own glorious reality.

Vol.2 自分に有利な人生創り上げる魔法言葉





「心の弱さってなんでしょうかそれあなたの 「本心」 自分理解させない力こと言い換えれあなたあなた生きられないという状況 創っいくこと値します。 あなたが心の持ち続けいる以上あなた は自分の本心に従って生きられなくなるのです。 


するとどうなるストレス溜まり鬱屈としますしさまざまなチ ャンスも逃しやすくなるなぜならあなたの本心はいつでもあなたの つながっこの直感鈍れ鈍るほどあなたにとって良い話いと思えなくなり良くもない良いように勘違いもしまうそれ によってチャンス逃すばかりか、 面倒ごと引き込むこともなりがちですつまり自分にとって良い現実生きられなくなっしまうのです




一つあなたの世界にあなたしかいないというイメージ日ごろから持つ ようすること誰もいない世界の中あなたは自由気ままに振る舞うことできますしから何か言われるだろすることありませこの瞬間自分たいこと」だけフォーカス当てただそれ実行いくこのつけいきましょう。 


二つもっと簡単あなたあなた魔法の言葉をかけいきます強い弱くない」。 以上です。 このよう自分言葉かけくこと「コマンド」 と言いますが、 これは古来から日本利用た 「言霊(ことだま)」の一種です自分言葉暗示かけていく言えかりやすいでしょう。 




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