Vol.1 Relationships Influence Destiny.

Vol.1 Relationships Influence Destiny.

Hello everyone, nice to meet you. My name is Keiko wahrheit, and I am a spiritual mentor living in Los Angeles. Starting today, I will be writing a column. I look forward to sharing with you. Thank you for your support.

Now, my specialties are “fortune enhancement” and “reality creation.” With the motto “Everyone can live the reality they want,” I have been practicing the equations of manifestation and attraction using various spiritual methods. Today, I would like to talk about “simple ways to boost your luck” that you can start using immediately and that are highly effective.

The first thing I want to share is that people’s “energy” synchronizes with each other. In fact, we are beings of energy, and this energy is something each individual uniquely possesses. People whose lives are going well have high levels of energy. This high energy manifests as their “good luck.”

As I mentioned at the beginning, people’s energy synchronizes with each other. Since energy is like the air, it mingles just by being near each other.

Furthermore, high energy flows towards lower energy. If you spend time with someone who is living a better life and has higher energy levels than you, you can receive their positive energy. As a result, your own luck will improve.

I must also add that the reverse is true as well. If you spend time with someone who is clearly at a lower level and seems to have bad luck, your good energy will be taken by them. In turn, you will receive their negative energy. The result is clear: your luck will gradually start to decline.

If you want to improve your luck immediately, associate with better people. Conversely, cut ties with those who bring misfortune. Just by doing this, your luck will definitely improve



Keiko wahrheit

Based in Los Angeles, Keiko is a spiritual mentor who teaches the equation for manifesting truth while practicing it herself. After overcoming a period of 30 million yen in debt, she now runs a company worth several hundred million yen while utilizing her innate spiritual sense to conduct sessions, talk events, tours, and more. She has authored seven books, including “When You Love Yourself, Everything Comes True” (Hikaru Land). Her YouTube channel “Creating Reality of Truth” (http://www.youtube.com/c/Kei- koWahrheit88) is also popular. For the latest updates, check her official website (https://www.keikowah.com/).

Vol.1 との関わりが運命左右する


みなさまこんにちははじめまして。ロサンゼルス在住スピリチュアルメン ターのけいこヴァールハイトです本日よりコラム書かせていただくことなりました。以降どうぞよろしくお願いします。 

さて得意開運「現実創造」 です全ては自分の生きた 現実を生きられる」モットー、さまざまスピリチュアルメソッド利用 しながら具現引き寄せの方程式実践てきましたその中からみなさ まがすぐに使え効果が高い 簡単上げる方法について今日はお話していきます。 

まずお伝えたいのは「気」はシンクロし合うというです。 実は 私たちは」の存在もありこの」は各個人が固有持っいるものですそして人生がうまくいっいるの「はレベルが高いその高い」に よってそのいい」という状態現れいるのです。 

そして冒頭に申し上げようの 「」はシンクロします。 は空気ようなものなので近くいるだけお互い交わるのです。 

さらに言うと高い低い流れ込みますもしあなた自分よりレ ベルが高くよい生活送っている行動しているその人よいも らうことができるのですそしてそれによってが上がります。 

あるというお話つけ加えいかなくなりませもしあなたが自分より明らかレベル低くが悪い」 と思える一緒行動しているあなた良いは相手取らしまいますそして相手の悪い反対らってしまうですその結果は明白あなたの運気はそこから徐々に落ちしまいます。 

すぐ運気上げたいならより良い人とかかわり持ちましょ反対貧乏神とは切っこれだけあなた運は確実上がっていきますから。 \




LA在住スピリチュアルメンター真実の具現の方程式教えつつ自ら実践借金3000 時代を現在規模会社経営する傍ら持ち前スピリチュアルセンス発揮 つつセッショントークイベントツアーを行なう著書『自分愛せすべてがかなう(ヒカルランド)ほか6Youtube 真実現実創造(http://www.youtube.com/c/Kei- koWahrheit88) 人気最新情報公式ホームページ(https://www.keikowah.com/) チェック。 





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